Air Kiss

I like the sound of air kisses.
Your fingers feel every fold of your lips, the gentle curves of the entrance to the heart.
Hot air blows out with each breath, and it's just so personal that you have to take away the hand for a moment, only to feel the imprint of beauty lingering behind.

Lips press against the force of the fingers for a second, only to be released with the sound of morning glories opening to the sun. And when the kiss is released into the world, you can feel the warmth fleeting away.

And that's when you realized what passion and heat air kisses have. How personal it can be made.

With All My Heart

I didn't hate you.
I only missed you
I didn't resent you,
I only loved you
with all my heart.

I loved you.
I loved you.
I love you.

Clasped Hands

So much power in those clasped hands
For the warmth that is found in a moment of grasping

When hands are held, hearts are moved
A symbol: You are not alone -- let's walk each other home.

Silent Dying

I can always sit and watch the way
The rain hits the water's surface,
Creating worlds of reflecting ripples
That are cut off,
Without able to spread its wings.

Is this what my life is meant to be?


I was standing in front of S. I said something. I don't remember.

S called me dead and emotionless. 
You're an emotionless cadaver with daddy issues, she spat.
He hits, and you can't even talk about it.

Her words maimed, killed, tore and scratched. She clawed at my insecurities, my weight, my body, my financial troubles. My best friend ripped my carefully placed shrouds in front of everyone.

Do you feel better? I asked


Do you feel better?

I've never felt better.

I'm glad something good came from this. 
I kept your secrets. I kept my promises. I kept my word. But you... You didn't keep my secrets. You didn't keep your promises. You didn't keep your word.

I woke up sweating and hyperventilating. It was a dream.