a friend. found my blog. i think.

i have no idea how i feel about this. i feel a bit too vulnerable than i wish to be.

edit: i no longer think. i know. he's found it. i hyperventilate.


  1. Okay, calm down. This happened to me with an unwanted friend, and yes it did cause some drama but there's nothing you can't talk your way out of. And how much does this friend care about your thoughts anyway? Enough to regularly check your blog every time you post? Now that could potentially be seen as obsessive. Just talk to them and it'll be okay x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Apparently I had a link attached to GooglePlus when I first started, when I first didn't really care about writing. I've taken it down, and since he can't seem to remember it, I'll not change my url. For now.
      I never in my life imagined anyone that I knew would find it, you see. Yet he has and he's read it all. He and his friends. Said he has some constructive criticism? I managed to pass it off without making it a big deal but yet I've realized that anonymity is a precious commodity.

      Thank you for your words.