3:13 PM

When it hits exactly 3:13 PM, the afternoon sun sits right in front of my window, bathing everything in my tiny corner of the world a golden color.
Warmth emits from the windows, and laying on the floor with my eyes closed, I curl around it trying to get it to seep into my chilled body, willing my body to forget about everything and nothing.
As the light pounds into my eyelids, I smile as I feel the loosening of my chains of worldly expectations and my drive to be someone I am not.
When it hits exactly 3:34 PM, the sun isn't in front of my window anymore but in front of some other soul's window, leaving my tiny corner of the world back to its mundane colors and dust.
The ties are re-knotted, the pressures are again placed on the shoulders, and I am still lying there trying to remember what the poised gratification felt like.


  1. i love this post. i can imagine everything you are saying. beautiful words!

    new follower :)


  2. Such a lovely post, I like this picture so much! :)

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  3. What a poetic way you have of looking at the world :) I love it.

    1. You have a poetic view of the world as well.

  4. you made feel the light
    thank you


  5. You captured the moment precisely and so beautifully. We need a moment to empty our mind and put our life pressure aside. I hope that the sunshine could light the corner much longer the next time it arrives.