I promise

If happiness were mine...
       I wouldn't share it, but keep it for myself.
             That way no one can know why they feel so alone.

If love was mine...
       I wouldn't give it, but lock it away.
             That way no one can feel the pain from heartbreak.

If laughter was mine...
       I wouldn't make any noise but keep silent.
             That way no one can understand why their cheeks are wet from water that flows from the eyes.

That's the kind of person I am.
Can you still love me? Accept me?
I can't.

So I try to be Happy in loneliness,
Love when I'm scared of denial,
and Laugh in the midst of tears.

That way, I'll appear normal 
So you'll be able to love me when I can't accept myself.

So please.
Love me to your fullest,
and I Promise I won't cry when
I Leave.

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