I don't care...

I have a special gift. Almost a superpower, really.
I use it everyday as I converse with the people of my life, and I smile and weep in their souls.
It's a pity, really.

My gift is that I can convince myself that I don't care. Not only can I convince myself, but I can convince you that I don't care.
I don't care about missing out, about being ignored, about being not loved, about not being cared about.
I don't care that you put me down because of what I look like, that your words don't affect me.

I repeat this like a mantra over and over in my head until I believe.

All of a sudden, you are nothing. A blip in my radar, a flower just withering away.
I can live the way I want, be foolish and be Happy that I'm a fool.

Now, I just don't care about you.