It's a new day, after all

I woke up crying today, and the tears just won't stop...

I curled up on my bed all morning, watching the pulsation of the light pouring into my window.
The clouds crossed the sun and the room responded: dark... light.
Then, dark... then light...

What was it about today that made everything else seem so pointless?
Maybe it was the screaming and hoarse cursing from my past dreams, maybe it was the sound of hearts crashing from yesterday, or the waves upon waves of blank stares, or the loneliness, or the looming walls of exhaustion and fatigue.

Maybe it was the hiding, the apologies of wrongs I never committed or understood, or the silent screams that pounded into my temples as I smiled a smile that never reached and never would reach my eyes.

I don't know...

It's a new day, after all.


  1. The good thing about tears.. is that they eventually stop.

    1. This quote reminded me of your sweet and gentling hope.

      “I have been crying," she replied, simply, "and it has done me good. It helps a woman you know, just as swearing helps a man.”
      ― Horace Annesley Vachell

      Thank you.

    2. I think swearing helps me, too. ;)